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Karis Capital believes that close working relationships drive success. We maintain deep investor relationships which allow us to understand market trends and anticipate investor needs. We collaborate with our partners to create high quality marketing messages and customized distribution strategies to achieve an efficient and successful fundraise while distinguishing our clients from their competition.

We undertake an exhaustive due diligence process to vet the management team and strategy, identify key strengths and weaknesses, develop a marketing plan, and determine a preliminary list of catalyst investors. Throughout this key first step we will collaborate with our partners to articulate their message, provide market feedback, enhance any areas of weakness, and identify potential interest from early investors.

Once our marketing message is determined, we take a hands-on approach to the creation and preparation of all marketing documents in order to distill the essence and attributes that make the strategy unique. We work with our clients to develop the private placement memorandum, marketing presentation, due diligence questionnaire, data room design and buildout and other marketing related materials.

Upon market launch, KCP takes a systematic approach to qualifying, contacting and securing initial and follow-up meetings with potential limited partners.  Our professionals are skilled in knowing how to qualify prospects to maximize efficieny and efficacy in achieving asset growth for our clients. We coordinate all aspects of road shows and ongoing communication between our clients and limited partners to ensure our clients can focus on their primary goal--managing their portfolios and producing alpha.

At the request of the client, KCP can assist in the negotiations of the partnership documents and help coordinate closing and post-closing activities. We continue to maintain dialogue with limited partners between funds to create momentum for future fundraisings. We believe that an ongoing client service program ensures client satisfaction and future allocations.

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